Top 10 PTC That Are Legit That We Recommend 

On the previous content we taught you all the necessary guide to how to join PTC sites and how to make money from it and we also gave some of our tips and tricks to how to incerase your earnings in PTC sites.

So, in this part we are giving some of our most legit PTC sites that are legit for long time and have been paying their users on time, these legit PTC site are there from more that years now and have a huge community working in those Ptc sites.

They are rated very good for thier services and the admins on this PTC sites are very legit and are more frequently online with its fast support team.

Following below are the top 10 PTC that are legit that we recommend you to join, the list contains:

1. Neobux
2. Cliquebook
3. Cliquesteria
4. Uniclique
5. Ojoo
6. Familyclix
7. Croclix
8. Bizzcare
9. Scarlet clicks
10. GPTplanet

 note: the list does not contains any ranking or rating system it is just a list in number order 

1. Neobux

Neobux is one of the oldest , most trusted and paying PTC site out there, neobux has huge number of active members and pay its users every time. the mian focus of neobux is paid to click ads and surveys you can easily make money here , 

The joining process is as same as all the ptc site out there, Neobux offers wide variety of features for you to make money online . Their offers include basics advertisements of  5 to 10 seconds

They offer survey which are of very high quality and very easyto do and understand and all the survey earnings will be added to your main balance.

Mini jobs  includes doing some simple tasks from cloud flower which gives you coins that can be converted to money and contains mini quizzes which offers certain cents per quiz.  

You can withdraw your funds when it reaches the minimum limit is reached which is 2$ and can be withdrawn through  paypal, skrill, bank transfer and paper checks 

2. Cliquebook

Cliquebook is one of the fastest growing PTC paid to click sites out there gaining huge amount of members very fast due to its wide variety of earning features which was loved by its members.

the admin of this Ptc site is very trustful and does not allow any fake users to join its site, they get blocked fast .

It takes only few minute to jion in this site and aslo requires proof of documentation due to some fake users in the past. 

There are lot of earning options in this site from watching ads to doing survey to applying for contests and some bonus game, it also offers points for playing games that be exchange into money later on .

Remember it works in ROI return of investment system so you fave to pay 5$ at least to get your withdrawn, It doe not apply for  payeer and airtm users.

3. Cliquesteria

Cliquesteria is also one of the sites of the cliquebook's admin
and also a famous Ptc site wiht huge number of users working daily.

this ptc site also has huge ways to make money onlie options all from viewing ads to doing surveys to mini jobs from gamest to clix grids 

this site also requires ROI system you need to pay to get paid, do not wory you will get a good percentage of returns from this site, and also payeer and airtm users do not need to pay to get paid here.

4. Uniclique

Uniclique is also one of the sister site from the same admin of cliquebook and cliquesteria, Due to huge success of both the site the uniclique was introduce for its member to make more money on these sister sites.

The earning features on all the three sites are same but has differet prices to offer and uniclique is gives you the most of it.

Buying Advertisement on this sites are very cheap and affordable, you can use this to your point.

Yes this site also works on ROI system but not for payeer and airtm users and not also for upgarded members.

5. Ojoo

OJOO is also one of the best and old ptc sites which can be bery legit and trusted, this site has a constant number of active users and can be used through a smartphone as well.

This Ptc site has only one earning system to make money here it only gives paid to clicks ad for its users but it gives its user free advertising platform which is traffic exchange.

The minimum threshold is 10$ and can be withdrawn through skrill payment processor or can be transferred to block chain or any crypto wallets.

This site does not have any ROI system you can make money and withdraw at any time when you reached you minimum threshold.

6. Familyclix

familyclix is in the PTC industry now for a long time and has a huge number of active users daily and can be trusted but it has strick rules to follow or you will be blocked or not get paid.

familyclix also offers huge earning opportunity for its users from viewing ads, bonus game , flip the coin , grid, payment proof bones, offerwall, referral contest and point contest.

it also offers minute staff for simple task to make money. You can also buy direct referral here and as well as sell you direct referral for a good price from 1$ to 20$.

advertising  is also cheap to buy here and also offers free spot on its ptp promoter options.

7. Croclix

Croclix is new to ptc industry but has won the trust and have gained huge number of active users . users love this site due to its very short and high paying advertisements.

croclix has limited earning features but offers high paying offers that is very good in this site, the minimum payout is 3$.

It offers from offerwall to clixgrid to from pait to promote to surveys, from quiz time to flip the coin and new stuff adding more actively.

It also offers huge opportunity for crypto loving users it offers huge variety of crypto coin offer for its users.

8. Bizzcare

Bizzcare is also one of the sites of the same admin from croclix and can be trusted easily it has been paying its members regularly. this is a very simple site to make money it now has only viewing advertisement option to make money here.

But this site pays well in the paid to click ads from its competitors
and hope it will be adding more feature in the near future.

the minimum threshold in this site is 5$ and can be withdrawn to skrill or payeer but this site prefered payment processor is payeer.

9. Scarlet clicks

Scarlet cilcks is also one of the oldest ptc in the ptc business and it is paying since its first day till now, with less feature to earn in this site but due to its trust worthy admins, the site is still is running and still paying its users.

the minimum threshold in this site is 2$ and can be withdrawn through any payment possessor given in this site 

10. GPTplanet

GPTplanet and scarlet clicks are fromthe same admin and are very trusted and has paid over 2 million dollar to its uesrs and has a steady members of active users doing work in this sites.

joining is also free in this site and contains more earning feature from its brother site it contain offers like GPT grid, Wannads skippy ads, offer4all, medium path, bits wall for crypto loving users and ad packs.

You can cashout you earning to any of the payment possessor or in your crypto wallet as minimum as 1$.


Remember this are all rewarding sites and do not gives you a stable income to support your future rather it supports you income by helping you in some ways to the other. So down below are some tricks to make more from these PTC sites

1. Buy rented referrals for first 3 months without cashing out your money the more rented you collect the more you earn.

2. Get direct referral if you don't know how to then check our previous post on ptc 

3. Advertise on popular PTC sites and also in new Sites.

4. Join review sites like foxy rating to help others and make them your direct referral

5. Yo can write a review on your blog to get new referrals or use free splash pages to promote you referral in a very unique manner

6. lastly, you can also use traffic exchange sites to get referral but first create a splash page where you put all your referral links on it and then promote this way now you have more to offer to you customers.

Thank you for being till the last of this content we appreciate it and if you love our work then subscribe us and also see our previous post How  To Make Money Online Easily Doing PTC Work From Home

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