How  To Make Money Online Easily Doing PTC Work From Home

We all want to make huge money in some point of our lives, why? to be independent to have a nice houce and to have things that we wanted for a long time that is why we work so hard to get to the point, We do boring jobs and even part time just to make some extra in the end of the month.

Earning money is not that very hard as you things and you don not need huge ideas to get rich as well, there are lots and lots of companies out there that let you work fro  that extra cash from you comfort of your living room. Yup, 90% of these may be a fake ,that is y you have to do some research or if you are too lazy fro that then you can bookmark our website, we bring yuo top legit site to make online to a to z.

In this part we are going to talk about PTC, What are PTC sites , How To Join And How To Start Making Online And plus there will be few tips for you.


PTC means paid to click which means it gives you a percentage of money from what they get from advertise for you clicking their ads on their websites, its is very easy to work in this sites you do not need any kind of knowledge to make money in this sites.

It is veryeasy to join in this PTC sites as well but remember PTC industry has lot of fake site in which you work but it does not pay so do research before joining any of it.

How do you get paid you ma ask? when you work in this sites your earned money will get added to you account and when that account reaches a minimum threshold you can withdraw from it using online payment processors like paypal, skrill, neteller, payeer and web money etc.

Well, you know what PTC sites are now , so then how to join or register in those sites.

How To Join In PTC Sites

1. You need to find which of the ptc sites you wanted to join you may use google to research or use youtube to watch which once are legit or you may follow our website. 

2. once you have found the site that you wanted to work in your free time see from register button it may  be in the top right hand corner or in left.

3. By clicking the register button you will be directed in the register form and you have to fill that from to join .

4. Form may contain adding you name, your birth date ,your current email address and you also need a user name and password, once you have filled all then click to register.

5. Now a conformation mail will be sent to your given email address, check that mail and click it. you are now fully registered to that website and can now start making money.

How To Start Working And Make Money 

So, now you have join to these PTC earning sites and thinking how to start working and make money online, we will teach you from tip to toe.

Firstly, open that site you have just joined and login to you account use your user name and password to join, username that you have given not your full name in some cases it may be your full name. and do not forget to add secondary passward as well you account will be more secured.

Secondly, once you logged in into your account, you will see your user interface, settings options, payment info and your profile info, please do check all the things to get more informed about that site see their forum and also their payments proofs PTC allows their user to post their payment proofs to prove their sincerity.

Lastly, locate earn money option in the top menu bar, then a drop down menu will appear search for view advertisements and click on it, now you will be directed to earning page. You will see many ads of different prices choose which you want to do but remember fixed are compulsory do not forget to do those.

Click the ad the ads you wanted to watch and wait every ads has it own timer according to their price once the timer completes

choose the upside image from the images shown in the top and click it , you are now done the money will be added to you main balance.


Now, you how to click ads to make money from PTC sites but that is not the only things that PTC offers, Ptc offers huge and many earning opportunities for you to make more money from it and all very simple tasks from clicking ads to doing survey and joining others sites as well.

Well lets us give you some of our best picks that is more fun to and very easy to understand and wont cost you huge time and effort as well, so below will be some of the features that PTC offers you to make even more money.

1. renting referrals :

Renting referrals is one of the easiest way to make money in PTC sites it is very easy to do and will double you money. So, what is a rented referral, you give money from your main balance to buy rented referral, its very cheap and buying in groups may cost you less.

Once you buy a rented referral lets say 5 for a month now that 5 rented referral will work for you to make money online, you will get a certain amount of what they makes and will directly be added to your main balance, they will work for a month and after a month the same amount will be deducted from your purchase balance for those rented referral to work for one more month.

the trick here is buying rented referral as many as you can or you can buy it by their earned money after a month, more rented referral you have the more money you will be making remember you have to watch atleast 4 fixed ads for those rented referal to work properly.

2, direct referral :

Direct referral works the same way as the rented referral but their earning capacity is high and also you get comission for every direct referral you add.

So, what are direct referrals? in you account, there will be a banner option, there will a unique referral link or banner which you can use to make others to join by that unique link of yours. 

Once a user joins by that link or banner you will get a commission of certain percentage  and also that user will be you direct referral forever until that user uses that account and you will make 20% of what they make every time.

Getting direct referrals are hard and you don't know that they will work or not but the money they make will be very likely, So how do you get direct referrals let us give you some tricks to get you first direct referrals.

1. your friends, explaining friends is very easy and you know that they will work just explain how to work and make money and give them your referral link to join.

2. use your watsapp or any messaging to get direct referral just before you do it make a brief explanation note so that they could get the idea of what they are doing and what you are providing.

3. Use you social media to make money only just do not forget to tell them where they are going and what they will get.

4. Every PTC has advertise option on them, buy paid to clicks ads on them and add your referral link there this is also a easy way to get referral, remember it cost money to buy advertisements but it will be not so costly and the returns you get from ads will be much greater

5. Did you know? you could also buy direct referrals but it costs very high, you can see that option in you account and also remember some PTC sites do not offers that. Don't worry the direct you buy from there will sure 100% legit and will work for sure.

3. Doing Bonus ads And ClixGrids :

You will find both this options in the earn money deop down menu or at the left hand side of you account. In bonus ads there are cretain tasks that you have to complete to get you bonus ads reward, the rewars may contain .20 cents to 5$ and as well as banners and login ads and on the other hand Clixgrid offers grid clicking options that if you are lucky you will get a reward, you have to be regular  to be luck in these.

4. Surveys :

Surveys are also one of the feature of PTC site that pays  good, it is very easy to to do surveys you just have to answer some questions in the survey it may be of a product or some online products. You also find survey in the earn money menu. survey offers from .40 cents to 6$ per survey but it takes time to do it is like price equals money more time means more money.

5. PTC Walls, PTC contests And Points :

PTC walls are very simple task to do and you can find it in you account down in the left hand side of your account, ptc wall pays less but  you know every  penny counts, it takes less time and no effort so why not do it .

PTC contests is very different from any of the above options, You may find this option in PTC sites or you will not find it. It occurs mainly in events like a PTC getting a year old or etc some ptc offers contest monthly, so in these type of earning option they will start a contest from a particular date to its end date don not the the tasks are simple but how mush or how much effort you put that matters. once you came in the top 10 rank in that contest you will be rewarded, you rewards are huge so always be ready for it.

Points, you do not have to work for points it will be added to your account. How does it work? when you see ads one point will be added to you points balance, its like 1 ad = 1 point so you do not have to worry about earning them, once you reach a certain points you can conver that points into real money. remember the points money will vary from PTC site to site, Some site gives nad some site gives more.

Now, that you know how to make money online from PTC sites with our easy guide we hope that you make huge money and if you are looking for some legit ptc sites go to this link TOP 10 PTC SITES THAT MAKES 50$ A DAY or if you want to learn more about making money online from you comfort of your house then subscribe us, like our page and bookmark us and if you have any questions regarding ptc comment us below or contact us,

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